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sábado, 29 de junio de 2013

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Interview with Roberto Julio Alamo, director, writer, screenwriter and animator. By Enrique Garcia Garcia Intereconomía journalist.

  • Drake: The Renegade cowboy who seeks revenge against the undead and his teacher .... Who is behind this? Who is Roberto Julio as artist and makes this cow-boy born of their meninges?

Curious question. Actually, Drake born many years ago in a dark corner of my mind, though the character has taken to conform to rebirth as it is today. Drake is actually a cluster of previously contained anger and violence, perhaps driven by the times we are living now in the world. Drake is that guy who loses everything and decides to take revenge dead inside the world around him, but the idea is so fantastic poses and comic, dark cowboy Drake unleashes the hatred that keeps inside leaving behind impotence .
I must admit that this character and starring some of the comics I drew in high school ... If ... during class ... So you could say that has accompanied me much ... and it will not be his last adventure ...

  • We remind readers that are also author of short stories "Tales from the threshold" and has collaborated on "Dawn Pulp". Did that experience has served you face the animation scripts work? Do you plan to re-write in brief?

The screenplays and literary stories have much to do, as both stories to the public, and that is something that the author is very important to bring the stories to the public, whether by means or other. To answer your question, the writing experience I have sold very well when considering my screenplays, but must take into account other guidelines ..
Still I continue to write, in fact they gave up in no time. Currently I have devoted less to writing literary stories and I focused more on scripts for short films, but never leave aside. I plan to soon complete a compendium of stories of "sword and sorcery" in the style of Robert E. Howard, one of my favorite authors with Lovecraft and Doyle.

  • Have you been involved in projects such as "Vallenegro" (Festin Award for Best Short Film) "Taratuga" (Award for best animated short of I Contest Soundub) and the renowned "Dessert Island". Is this true that Paramount, Pixar, Disney and Fox have you on the run for this path?

(Laughs) I hope so. The truth is that little by little things are progressing, but even though the industry is taking off in our country, we still have a lot to reach out to others, and not for the quality of the creators and creations, of which in Spain walk more than enough, but by the lack of appreciation and support for this kind of movies, and obstacles that we often find ourselves creators. In other countries, is highly valued for authors and new directors and initiatives are taken into account, but here given coverage just a pity that, if unabated, will cause a massive emigration of professionals.

  • EIn "A Fistful of Zombies" Is there much inheritance of the mistakes you've made and the successes you've had for this path?

With "A fistful of Zombies" I wanted to escape and make a short film pretensions light, a movie created to enjoy and not to think. I stay away from all the "politically correct / commercial" (in this country especially), and pretend this film the viewer seeing what passes as well as me doing it, completely discarding "for all ages".
With these kinds of questions about my mistakes and successes tend to be very cautious, and while I tell you that I managed to solve errors that were my past work, I also admit that I made mistakes new, but I think that is the law of life, and more in a job like this, so I take it as an evolution.

  • What influences have agreed on the creation of your protagonist, Drake?

Drake drinks a lot of movie characters of the decade of the 80s, and some 70s too. His appearance, sober, thin is in part based on the appearance and character of Clint Eastwood in Sergio Lione Spagetti Western, although giving the character look, if you can say, much less friendly, more tart and less akin to public. Drake is not the typical hero of an action movie, in fact the idea is not even that falls well because it exists, is likely to not enjoy much sympathy, but really that's not your goal, your goals are two, empathize minimally with the viewer, following her tragic history, and ultimately, have fun with their dialogues and violent actions unusual.

  • Is he a hero, or an anti-hero?

Drake is far from being a hero. The modern hero is characterized by sacrifice, a common man becomes a hero when sacrificing what matters most, or even your life, in the case of Drake, a man who has lost everything, there is no such dilemma as that has nothing to lose, and, in fact, what has been lost is the head, so it is closer to that of the heroic psychopathy. Maybe you can be considered an anti-hero, in no case is provide assistance for anyone, just looking finish his revenge, which could be considered a purely selfish reason ... Although there are people for everything, many of us would see some heroic in their actions ...

  • Drake acts primarily motivated by very specific reasons: Is revenge the best engine of a hero ... or an anti-hero?

Actually revenge is a feature more typical of the anti-hero, is more mundane, I mean, it's more real, fortunately or unfortunately, anyone could be in the situation of revenge. I think that is the reason that the viewer is likely to feel more identified with the anti-heroes, the heroes of classical Greece, for example, just brimming virtues and defects, I think we are all more identified with flawed characters who succumb easily hatred, and we can understand the anger that causes a loss.

  • They say that the villains are best characters paladins. Is that what makes it more interesting to Drake, has a more complex character than a hero?

It really has a personality more complex than a typical hero who fights for his ideals. In the stories of Conan, for example, despite giving the character a touch heroic for their actions or achievements, the author gives it a tough personality, and somewhat haughty that attracts much to the reader. With Drake goes something like, know that your mind is complex, you can not stop thinking, and their tragic loss made him the brink of madness. It's certainly something that marks him forever, and that makes you enjoy the blood of their enemies.

  • The living dead time creative pump. There is more to hear the Slogan of this short: "It's time to kill Zombies". Do you think that this genus belongs to who held "not dead" who followed him when it was not popular?

This theme has been reinvented on the fly, with each movie, however bad it was, but certainly the one that most contributed to it is George Romero, the first thing out the picture of the classic voodoo zombie to give the image current "living dead" as we know him. This genus belongs to all those who have paid tribute, from the B-movies of the '80s with many teenagers enjoying, until manicured recent works such as The Walking Dead, whose approach does not reinvent the genre seriously , but it helps to settle. Of course, the genus belongs especially to lovers of the same, ie viewers.

  • You've spent months, and that doing it alone ... What do you get if you get three years?

Well, if you give me three years I can get very good jobs and high quality, but the problem, as always, is time. If I do these "sprints" creative in such projects is not happy, is the lack of time due to work and other areas of my life that prevent me from devoting many hours as I would like. Even so, I am always involved in some project, I'm always idle, I have no time to get bored.

  • Talk a little about your future projects

I am currently working on some projects, focusing primarily on "Abaddon", an epic saga that is about wars in hell with some allusions to The Divine Comedy "by Dante, this work is far from" A Fistful of Zombies "entering in a much more sordid and gloomy, and away from the comedy.
I hope that soon we can talk about this and other projects (laughs) Sooner than you think.

jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

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A Fistful of Zombies - The Movie
Directed by Roberto Julio Alamo
2012 - The Rolls3D Project

A Fistful of Zombies - Spanish Subtitles
Directed by Roberto Julio Alamo
2012 - The Rolls3D Project

Theatrical Poster

domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

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-By Roberto Julio Alamo-

Drake is the epitome of "tough guy", an antihero square chin and shoulders falling hanchos against any enemy. Along with Drake we go back to the classic story of revenge. A man of peace, who lives with his family, he sees himself turned into a bloodthirsty murderer. The death of his family at the hands of an evil outlaw upset his mind, and from that moment, Drake is transformed into the perfect murderer, the hunter of zombies that everyone would want by his side. Despite the comic tone of the film and scathing, Drake can see in dark tragedy that is repeated in many works of the genre.
Drake is based on characteristics of different actors and characters, among which we find Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cliff or Bruce Campbell.

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I have the honor to announce the first press release of the film "A Fistful of Zombies", held in the vast web, dedicated to spreading Pulp themed works.
From here I send a thank Emilio Iglesias for his article and I leave a link so you can read it. - A Fistful of Zombies Article

I also want to announce that the short film "A Fistful of Zombies" will be released to the public and completely free next week.
Best regards, and I hope you enjoy it.

sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

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A Fistful of Zombies is a short film, created and directed by Roberto Julio Alamo, which pays homage to the low budget Grindhouse movies and Pulp theme that became popular during the 70s and 80s.
With nods to gender and splashes of blood and action, this film aims to get away from the 3D animated films for all audiences to which we are accustomed to Hollywood, to go into the controversial field of violence, always humorous black .
This movie sought to recover the magic and atmosphere afforded us those tapes, we saw many young hidden at dawn, when our parents slept, or rented to sneak into the video.
The Main Character, Drake, is somewhat based on these tough guys of cinema, combining features of rough characters like Lee Van Cliff and Clint Eastwood at the time of the Western Spaggetti and inheritance of characters as charismatic as Bruce Campbell playing Ash in "Army of Darkness".
This short film is far from the pretense of being recognized or praised work to focus on the purest
entertainment, and certainly the most nostalgic of that time will appreciate that touch of the "Series B" more fun.

3D Model - Drake - Turn Around

viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

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The Tobacco for Real Men
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- Malporro Hard
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- Malporro Inferno

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jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

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Roberto Julio Alamo´s
A Fistfull of Zombies
- All the images are propertry of Roberto Julio Alamo -
- The Rolls3D Project -

Official Poster - A Fistful of Zombies