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A Fistful of Zombies is a short film, created and directed by Roberto Julio Alamo, which pays homage to the low budget Grindhouse movies and Pulp theme that became popular during the 70s and 80s.
With nods to gender and splashes of blood and action, this film aims to get away from the 3D animated films for all audiences to which we are accustomed to Hollywood, to go into the controversial field of violence, always humorous black .
This movie sought to recover the magic and atmosphere afforded us those tapes, we saw many young hidden at dawn, when our parents slept, or rented to sneak into the video.
The Main Character, Drake, is somewhat based on these tough guys of cinema, combining features of rough characters like Lee Van Cliff and Clint Eastwood at the time of the Western Spaggetti and inheritance of characters as charismatic as Bruce Campbell playing Ash in "Army of Darkness".
This short film is far from the pretense of being recognized or praised work to focus on the purest
entertainment, and certainly the most nostalgic of that time will appreciate that touch of the "Series B" more fun.

3D Model - Drake - Turn Around

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